Official website flow monitoring
Help enterprises to monitor private domains or active pages, such as Site, APP, applets and other back-end platforms, and realize detailed tracking, monitoring and analysis of a series of browsing activities, such as traffic source, page landing, user jumping out, browsing path, page interaction, registration and capital retention. It can support the whole process monitoring of every advertising spot from delivery to landing page, evaluate the effect of the whole link and analyze the attribution, and help the brand continuously optimize the advertising strategy.
Transformation monitoring in station
Through professional Internet monitoring technology, the path analysis and heat map analysis of visitors' buttons and pages in the station are realized, which helps customers know the transformation and jumping out of visitors in every link of website browsing in real time, helps brands lock the lost links, and continuously optimizes the path design in the station.
Source analysis of website traffic
Through professional Internet monitoring technology, realize the analysis of the traffic source of the website, truly measure and accurately reflect the drainage effect of different media or advertising forms to help the brand optimize the front-end advertising strategy.
Visitor attribute monitoring in official website
Through professional Internet monitoring technology, the analysis of visitor equipment attributes and geographical attributes can be realized to help customers understand and manage visitor information in more detail.