By constantly monitoring the market for food, beverages and household products, we offer accurate benchmarks showing how brands and retailers are performing based on key measures. Our dedicated consumer experts use those measures to deliver actionable FMCG insights.
Beauty and personal care
It is for deep insight and accurate diagnosis of purchasing behavior of different consumer groups (age and gender). At the same time, it will also deeply analyze the elaborate daily skin care procedures and consumers' shopping baskets that favor high-end and emerging purchasing channels, to accurately grasp the artery of the market.
Omni-channel continuous monitoring of products purchase behavior of infants and pregnant women in urban families with infants under 6 years old, and understanding what these groups touch, think, buy and use. Help players explore market growth points from different dimensions.
Based on a continuous sample with the latest technology available, we record every snack, beverage and meal bought for consumption out-of-home, whether that’s on the go, at the place of purchase, in the workplace or elsewhere. Develop a detailed picture of behaviours and attitudes, plus the context and the needs driving purchasing decisions. Get demographic information about the final consumer, where the purchase has been made, and the price paid.
Understand the global purchase and use trends of mobile phones, tablets and wearable devices, monitor brand share, conversion and loyalty, and help customers understand the reasons behind the purchase choices of consumer electronic products and make better business decisions.