Media environment assessment
According to your needs, through global media data providers, local media policies and institutions' public information mining, industry surveys and other forms, the media environment of the target countries will be deeply analyzed to help you obtain a more comprehensive international communication vision and a reference for the communication competition strategy of the target countries according to local conditions.
Media usage habits and content preferences by country audience
Using a variety of online and offline methods, we conduct questionnaire surveys on the target countries of international communication, and conduct quantitative analysis and evaluation. In the design of the questionnaire, we will consider as many dimensions and targeted people as possible, to help you more accurately grasp the media usage habits and content preferences of the target audience.
Evaluation of media communication effect
From the aspects of communication power, influence, conversion rate, etc., based on the results of audience and expert evaluation and analysis, it systematically evaluates the international communication effect of media, analyzes the advantages and disadvantages, and helps clients to further optimize the media management strategy.