Evaluation of programs and TV dramas
By monitoring and feeding back the programs broadcast by the media in time, we can quickly understand the program trends of competitors and the latest concepts of domestic and foreign programs and TV series production, and provide benefits for program innovation. At the same time,through a variety of professional testing and analysis software, multimedia audience evaluation laboratory, network test terminal and other means., to support understanding the audience's attitude, preferences and expectations before the program broadcast, adjust the program production and broadcast strategy in time, and realize the program optimization
Research on integration of media content products
To conduct audience demand analysis, content positioning and communication strategy analysis of content products integrated with social media, such as communication characteristics of Weibo, Wechat, short videos and hot articles and experience optimization of Apps
Comprehensive evaluation of programs
Through the comprehensive performance of multi-dimensional data evaluation columns (channels) such as audience quantitative survey, expert survey, audience rating and network monitoring, CTR has successively launched multi-dimensional comprehensive evaluation systems such as brand influence evaluation and social influence evaluation. Comprehensive evaluation is conducted from four aspects: “social influence, market communication power, public reputation and content creativity” to provide an objective and fair evaluation management tool.
Create new media IP
To Provide planning and research services for traditional media or market-oriented institutions in terms of KOL opinion leader or brand IP creation, track selection, IP positioning and packaging, platform layout, operation strategy and business model.