Communication value of media marketing
It aims to find out the advantages of target media in audience structure and media communication, show its unique advertising value and provide data support for media publicity and promotion by investigating the background characteristics of media audience, media contact, advertising attention, media perception and evaluation, product consumption potential and life style; The research covers all media types (newspapers, magazines, radio, television, outdoor, internet and new media).
Drilling down analysis of Internet users
Based on massive Internet big data and deep AI algorithm, according to customer specific demand scenarios, provide user online behavior drill-down analysis services, help customers realize customized user profile, user analysis, operation optimization strategies, precision marketing strategies, etc.
Optimization of marketing resources
Based on the continuous monitoring of the advertising market, multi-dimensional data and scientific evaluation methods, we can track the latest trends of the advertising market, gain insight into the latest changes in advertising delivery in the industry, track the advertising effect and evaluate the advertising competition of different media ,which helps media to sort out the value of various marketing resources in detail, integrate their own marketing resources, optimize advertising arrangement and advertising product design, and accurately formulate pricing strategies.
Media marketing strategy
Based on multi-dimensional data and scientific investigation methods, it helps media customers to understand the changes of advertising market, competitive media management, advertising industry and customers, and optimize and adjust media management strategies.
Advertiser's marketing strategy
Based on scientific investigation and research methods, it helps media customers understand the changes of advertisers' media strategy, budget and marketing communication positioning of various marketing channels.
Research on media contact point
Under the trend of media fragmentation, choosing effective media has become a common concern of advertisers. By combing the typical advertising forms of various media, defining the typical media contact points with marketing driving force, and discussing the correlation degree between different types of consumers and various media contact points, it provides support for advertising.